Why don’t clinicians use research?

There are so many reasons and challenges – here are just a few;

  • there is too much research published to keep up to date
  • there are so many journals and places to publish and share research, that is it difficult to know where to look
  • it is difficult to know the quality of new research and the extent to which it might be biased
  • sometimes research relies on resources that are unavailable in a clinical setting
  • research doesn’t always answer the common questions
  • research recommends making too many changes
  • senior or influential colleagues do not agree with the research
  • the research was conducted with a very different group of people
  • there is not enough money, equipment or people to implement what the research recommends
  • sometimes it is not clear what happened in the research environment
  • patients may have misinterpreted or misunderstood the research results

In future posts, I will look at some of the possible reasons why, in more detail. Meanwhile are there any more?


I conduct and supervise research that promotes the translation of quality research evidence for use in clinical practice.

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