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What is evidence?

Over the last 20 years, in the world of evidence-based health care, there are running debates about what constitutes evidence and hidden assumptions in the way the word evidence is used.  In defining this word, it is important to recognise

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Knowledge translation insights from management

Knowledge translation (KT) in healthcare is often criticised for being too linear. However, a lot of clinical research and healthcare literature is conceived and expressed in a linear fashion. Therefore, it is often challenging to recognise that the translation of

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Where do health professionals learn?

Phrases like lifelong learning and continuing professional education are in common usage by healthcare professionals. There seems to be an acceptance that learning continues throughout professional careers. But the question for this post is, where do these professionals find their

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Defining evidence-based health care

Almost 20 years ago , Dave Sackett explained that evidence based medicine is the integration of individual clinical expertise with the best available research evidence. The scientific principles of epidemiology used to study the patterns, causes and effects of disease

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