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Stakeholders: key to understanding context?

How should you decide which aspects of context to analyse in order to apply research to improve clinical practice? Can I suggest that stakeholders who have high interest, influence and power are best able to identify the key aspects of

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Is there evidence for leadership in healthcare?

The concept of leadership is considered important for clinical practice, but the research evidence for the benefits of leadership, particularly on patient care are sparse. There are some explanations for this… The management literature is heavy with theoretical articles describing

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What is evidence?

Over the last 20 years, in the world of evidence-based health care, there are running debates about what constitutes evidence and hidden assumptions in the way the word evidence is used.  In defining this word, it is important to recognise

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knowledge to change practice

Recognising different types of knowledge helps to explain some of the difficulties of changing practice. I will summarise an impressive conceptual article that sadly, is not available via open access.  If we think about knowledge in its broader sense, it

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Patients need knowledge to make healthcare decisions

At some time, we are all patients, and will want to know about the potential benefits and harms of  our health care. In serious and life-threatening trauma, few of us will want to, or be in position to do this,

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What information is knowledge?

In defining what is knowledge, it seems that information is a building block. But then, what transforms information into knowledge? I am confronted by the assumption that knowledge should be based on scientific evidence. If we follow that argument, then

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Why evidence cannot replace opinion

One of the key principles of evidence-based practice is that health care decisions are informed by the best available research evidence. However, many people assume that once the best ‘truth’ is known and described in terms of the research evidence,

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