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How research can improve patient care?

Life-changing research can only benefit patients if they receive an appropriate intervention (as part of normal clinical care)  implemented in the way it was designed. We need to reduce the time lag, currently estimated at 17 years, between research discovery

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Interpreting research evidence, from there to here

A key challenge in using research in practice is knowing how to interpret and translate results. Even when we have clear results from a well designed randomised controlled trial (RCT), there is a challenge in understanding and interpreting the results.

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Does research knowledge change clinical practice?

When we teach clinicians the skills of  evidence-based practice (EBP), we encourage them to search for and critically appraise research  evidence to answer their clinical questions. Then, we expect them to apply this research evidence to improve their clinical practice,

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Knowledge brokers – a solution for knowledge translation?

Can knowledge brokers help translate research evidence into practice – or do they add another cumbersome link to the chain of knowledge translation? This sounds very positive when you review the definition of knowledge brokers in health policy – they

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What makes change stick?

We know that a lot of change programmes fail – but do we really understand why? Was it that the actual plan for change was not well thought out or was the plan not implemented appropriately? I suspect it is

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