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Different circumstances different outcomes

In my quest to better understand which aspects of the local environment influence the way complex interventions are delivered, I was alerted to a comprehensive realist review of human resource management interventions that were designed to improve health workers’ performance

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Can context explain heterogeneity in complex interventions?

Complex interventions are usually defined as containing several interacting components. These components usually include people (researchers), who are  trying to influence other people (healthcare professionals) to do, or not do something (adhere to clinical guideline recommendations). Some common complex interventions

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Keys to improving healthcare services

Can innovation be led by clinicians and professionals in local healthcare services? Can these innovations drive improved services for patients? It seems possible – at least in a recent learning report produced by the Health Foundation, who sponsored 32 Shine

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5 components to exchange knowledge

Instead of being translated from research to practice, knowledge could be better conceptualised as being continually and dynamically exchanged. Circular models may not be sufficient to detail the complex exchange of different forms of knowledge that occur when identifying the

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The power of knowledge

Surely the creation of knowledge for use is a simple and noble endeavour that just needs a little help in translating the key information between two different audiences! How can the complex issues of power and politics influence this? This

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3 key components for successful implementation

This is not a sales pitch, instead I am highlighting a different perspective about using research to improve healthcare practice. There is not one best way to explain the complexity of improving healthcare; instead theories are often used to understand

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