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Using clinical guidelines critically to define and measure best practice

Busy clinicians don’t have time to search for and appraise research articles; however many do use clinical guidelines to inform their practice. At the same time, we know that clinical guidelines do not always synthesise the highest quality research evidence

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Using clinical guidelines: benefits and challenges

With the enormous amount of published literature, it is practically impossible for individual clinicians to routinely use the 5 steps of evidence-based practice to frame their research question, search for and find a suitable research article, and appraise the research

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Eric Dishman: Health care should be a team sport

This TED talk offers a provocative view of healthcare from a patient’s perspective. Eric argues that we need to move away from specialist appointments in hospitals to team based care using technology. He describes how he set his own goals

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What knowledge is being translated?

According to Oxford Dictionaries, knowledge is … facts, information, and skills acquired through experience or education; and the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject. It is more than the just published research evidence. In a typical encounter between a

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