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Building research capacity: to translate knowledge from research to clinical environments?

I first wrote about capacity building activities in primary health care back in 2003; as a strategy to facilitate clinicians to use, participate in and lead research. We highlighted the cultural divide between the almost independent industries of research production

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Does research knowledge change clinical practice?

When we teach clinicians the skills of  evidence-based practice (EBP), we encourage them to search for and critically appraise research  evidence to answer their clinical questions. Then, we expect them to apply this research evidence to improve their clinical practice,

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Defining evidence-based health care

Almost 20 years ago , Dave Sackett explained that evidence based medicine is the integration of individual clinical expertise with the best available research evidence. The scientific principles of epidemiology used to study the patterns, causes and effects of disease

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3 challenges to evidence-based practice

The evidence-based practice ‘movement’ is now at least 20 years old, and there is extensive debate about what are the next challenges. We have made significant progress in promoting and understanding the use of scientific research to understand many of

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The power of knowledge

Surely the creation of knowledge for use is a simple and noble endeavour that just needs a little help in translating the key information between two different audiences! How can the complex issues of power and politics influence this? This

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What knowledge is being translated?

According to Oxford Dictionaries, knowledge is … facts, information, and skills acquired through experience or education; and the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject. It is more than the just published research evidence. In a typical encounter between a

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