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5 components to exchange knowledge

Instead of being translated from research to practice, knowledge could be better conceptualised as being continually and dynamically exchanged. Circular models may not be sufficient to detail the complex exchange of different forms of knowledge that occur when identifying the

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Why evidence cannot replace opinion

One of the key principles of evidence-based practice is that health care decisions are informed by the best available research evidence. However, many people assume that once the best ‘truth’ is known and described in terms of the research evidence,

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How we don’t listen to research

We know that the structured and linear processes that produce research do not automatically change practice. It is possible to plan a research project and expect it to roll out logically and consistently from a good question, through a clear

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Why don’t clinicians use research?

There are so many reasons and challenges – here are just a few; there is too much research published to keep up to date there are so many journals and places to publish and share research, that is it difficult

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Translating knowledge for practice…myth or reality

Evidence-based health care proposes the use of scientific research evidence to inform clinicians’ decisions in line with patients’ wishes and values. Over the last 20 years there has been a massive increase in the profile and range of research evidence

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