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Knowledge translation insights from management

Knowledge translation (KT) in healthcare is often criticised for being too linear. However, a lot of clinical research and healthcare literature is conceived and expressed in a linear fashion. Therefore, it is often challenging to recognise that the translation of

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What information is knowledge?

In defining what is knowledge, it seems that information is a building block. But then, what transforms information into knowledge? I am confronted by the assumption that knowledge should be based on scientific evidence. If we follow that argument, then

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just knowing is not enough for real learning

As children and young adults, we have all learned to reproduce facts for exams.  I remember learning where key diagrams were in my open book chemistry exam and I even rote learned 4 essays for my introductory sociology course. I

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A summary: Knowledge into Action

After one week’s interactive teaching and learning, here is my summary of what’s important in moving knowledge into action… Knowledge is a multi-faceted concept: it is a combination of research evidence, experience and expectation that can be both explicit and

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