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Quality decision making – a dangerous idea to fix EBM?

I am writing this blog to complement a podcast I made at the recent EvidenceLive conference in Oxford.  We were asked to propose a dangerous idea in relation to the future of EBM, and then to suggest a solution. My

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Keys to improving healthcare services

Can innovation be led by clinicians and professionals in local healthcare services? Can these innovations drive improved services for patients? It seems possible – at least in a recent learning report produced by the Health Foundation, who sponsored 32 Shine

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Knowledge translation insights from management

Knowledge translation (KT) in healthcare is often criticised for being too linear. However, a lot of clinical research and healthcare literature is conceived and expressed in a linear fashion. Therefore, it is often challenging to recognise that the translation of

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3 challenges to evidence-based practice

The evidence-based practice ‘movement’ is now at least 20 years old, and there is extensive debate about what are the next challenges. We have made significant progress in promoting and understanding the use of scientific research to understand many of

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Using clinical guidelines: benefits and challenges

With the enormous amount of published literature, it is practically impossible for individual clinicians to routinely use the 5 steps of evidence-based practice to frame their research question, search for and find a suitable research article, and appraise the research

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Why don’t clinicians use research?

There are so many reasons and challenges – here are just a few; there is too much research published to keep up to date there are so many journals and places to publish and share research, that is it difficult

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